About us

It`s a real pleasure to welcome you on Foxstudfarm website, a small breedingstable located in the Western part  of  Romania. Foxstudfarm goal  is to breedhorses  which  have  tremendous  athletic  ability,  without  compromising conformation and a special mother line.

We give each horse time enough for his/ her optimum development and growth. In our stud farm you have the opportunity to:

–  obtain Holsteiner breed foals, from mares belonging to line 730B.
–  find solid built, talented horses which have not yet been publicly presented
–  find  sport  horses  used  for  taking  part  in  international  professional sport competitions.

Within  this  context  we  select  horses  of  spectacular  beauty,  outstandingperformance and impeccable rideability.I  hereby would like  to  invite  you to  take a look  at  our  website  and discovereverything about Foxstudfarm.

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